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Since 1985, Advanced Gaming has been manufacturers of world class Electronic Gaming Machines that are fully designed and manufactured in Australia. We at Advanced also create our own technology as we are long standing innovators of excellence in Gaming Products.


Our Electronic Gaming Machines withstand years of play as they are built to last and require very little maintenance. Our EGM’s are user friendly and lightweight fixtures allow easy access for Gaming attendants. These machines are the product of extensive research not only in their technology, but also particularly in comfort for the players gaming experience and occupational health and safety aspects of the machine for venue gaming attendants.


Technology in the gaming industry is changing on a constant basis. We, at Advanced (manufactured by Hitek Gaming), believe that, with our new range of Slot Machines, Games and the technology used within, that the product we offer is second to none.


Hitek Gaming has been a licensed manufacturer of Electronic Gaming Machines since 1985. Since the year 2000 it was time to expand and extend our expertise in the overseas gaming markets, we currently supply our machines to the Asian and South American Gaming Machine Markets. From our long experience in the industry we were aware of the requirements that were necessary to satisfy both the player and hotel, club and casino management. We are now able to present a range of Electronic Gaming Machines that are outstanding, not only in appearance but also with performance and our clients are more than satisfied with the results.


We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our products to yourself at either our showroom at Oak Flats, New South Wales, Australia, or at your own business premises where you will be able to view the latest of our products at your leisure. 


I trust that you will be interested in evaluating our products and I am certain that our standard of manufacture meets every criterion necessary to ensure player participation and satisfaction.



 Our team of experts have had decades of Gaming product knowledge and experience. Our team are constantly keeping up to date with the latest technology and design trends.

At Advanced Gaming we create our own technology, we are long standing innovators of excellence in Gaming Products.

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